1. Can you tell me once i braid the first row to 3 ft walk me through how I start next row video is to fast for me to understand . There is a place you talked about 5 knots write steps .Please

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    • Hey Patricia! Here are some instructions but I think they may still be a little complicated. I have gotten this feedback before and we are looking to possibly do a new video or maybe a FB Live video that will walk through each step in detail. For now, here are some additional instructions.

      At the end of a row, braid out approx. 2-3”. Turn the braid left or right back toward the last row. Tuck the closest strand up into the closest loop on the last row. Tuck the middle strand up through the second loop. You should now have one strand free to the outside and two strands tucked through the previous row.

      Take the first strand you pulled up and fold it over to the outside to continue braiding. The strand from the outside will come across and up through the next loop on the previous row. Each time a strand comes across to the previous row it comes up through the next loop. This will lock the braids together without needing to sew them later.

      Once we get a new video out we will definitely put it up here as well as our Facebook Page. https://www.facebook.com/Trashes.to.Dreams/?ref=bookmarks




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